Spring pardalotes

A pardalote (Pardalotus punctatus) pair  have been making their home in the Reserve for some time, now, and can be seen darting around the foliage of trees looking for insects.  They’re so small and move so quickly, it’s hard (for us!) to get a decent shot but here’s a couple of the male and female.


Female Spotted pardalote in Cherry ballart

Shows female Spotted pardalote, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve




Shows make Spotted Pardalote, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Their embankment home looks like it’s seeing a lot of activity as the pair prepare their nest. Breeding season is June to January and it takes 19 days for incubation, according to the Birds In Backyards site.

(And, for some better images of Spotted pardalotes and their home, see Gouldiae’s Blog here.)






3 responses to “Spring pardalotes

  1. I’ve only seen these delightful little birds on very few occasions. It’s wonderful to know they have a home in the Reserve. Well done for getting – and sharing – such great photos of them!

  2. Great, clear shots of these tiny birds! They are so hard to photograph as like you said, they move so very fast. Being so small and camouflaging so well makes it all the more difficult-if downright nigh on impossible-without incredible patience and skill, so what a fantastic job! The colours and light captured are also superb. It’s wonderful to know they are breeding in the reserve, hopefully there will be lots more of them to see in seasons to come.

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