The Reserve

Native remnant vegetation

The Reserve is approximately 58 hectares square and is one of the largest patches of native remnant vegetation in a larger area in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges in Latrobe Valley. It is bounded by Coalville Road to the east, Borrmans Street to the south and Wirraway Street to the west and Service and Dwyer Roads to the northwest. To the north is the Princes Highway. There is also a small section on the eastern side of Coalville Road. Medium density residential housing is present to the east and west, and rural residential properties to the south.

View to the east

Looking east through the trees

Those rural residential properties to the south host large quantities of remnant native vegetation which, although fragmented, act as a vital linking corridor to the Reserve for both flora and fauna. This vegetation corridor ascends rapidly towards Moe South and into the more mountainous terrain of the Strzelecki Ranges. Vegetation within the Reserve occupies both riparian and terrestrial type environs.

Environmental Vegetation Classes

Tree ferns and eucalypts

Tree ferns and eucalypts

Part of the Strzelecki Ranges bioregion, vegetation in the Reserve has been assessed as EVC 16: Lowland Forest, which is widespread, and EVC 721:  Fern Swamp, located within protected gullies. The former is classed as vulnerable and the latter as endangered in terms of conservation status.


The main entrance to the Reserve is located on Coalville Road. Visitors have access to two carparks, and there is a covered seating area, bins, a map of the Reserve and some interesting information about the plants and animals.

There are a number of walking trails, ranging from 700m to approximately 5km.

There is a dam in the wetlands area, with a well-defined path, boardwalks and viewing platforms.

A rotunda is set up on the northern side of the dam, just adjacent to the main entrance.

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3 responses to “The Reserve

  1. The website is looking great. In case anyone is wondering, Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve is the largest area of remnant native vegetation in the Latrobe Valley (Gippsland Plains Bioregion), it is about 1000ha in size.

  2. One of the things I love about Edward Hunter Reserve is that it is within walking distance for so many Moe people. Such a treasure that not many other towns can boast.

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