Australian wildlife

The Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve is home to a great range of wildlife.

There are many birds (see, for example, postings on birds around the dam, as well as those aquatic, terrestrial and arboreal, kookaburras, Australian wood ducks, magpies, eastern whipbird,the eastern spinebill and the eastern rosella). There are also reptiles (for example, postings on red-bellied black snake and eastern long-necked or snake necked turtles), invertebrates, fish, frogs, bats, echidnas (for example), swamp wallabies, native mice and possums.

The reservoir is the focus of a great deal of birdlife activity.

View over dam and tall spike rush (eleocharis sphacelata)

View over dam and tall spike rush (Eleocharis sphacelata)

Birds in the Reserve

The Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists have been conducting birdlife surveys over many years.

The most commonly sighted birds include the pied currawong, kookaburra, eastern yellow robin, eastern spinebill, crimson rosella, brown thornbill, pacific black duck and the superb fairy-wren.

Sightings of the great eastern egret, white necked heron, brown goshawk, little corella, azure kingfisher, brown gerygone, white-naped honeyeater, the mistletoe bird and others occur more rarely.

Here is a listing of the birds in the Reserve you can download and print, to take with you.

And, please complete this contact form (below) for sightings of one of the rare birds indicated in the Reserve bird sightings brochure. It will be submitted to the Birding group of the LV Field Nats.

Report bird sightings

Here’s a selection of birds found in the Reserve.

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Here is the Eastern Great Egret, which has spent some time at the Reserve, on account of the tall spike rush and the water environment. This bird is classified as vulnerable on Victorian advisory listing.

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