Managing the Reserve

Comprised largely of volunteers, a Committee of Management manages the activities of the Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve. We operate under terms of reference developed by the Latrobe City Council and there is also representation by the LCC Environmental Office. Our activities are guided by a basic Management Plan developed in 2009.

The activities of the Committee draw on the expertise of groups such as the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists. There is a small allocation provided by the LCC for annual maintenance but most activity is carried out by volunteers. Recent activity in the Reserve has been contributed by the students of the Baringa Special School (see this posting) and the Central College of Gippsland as well as Community Corrections.

Our basic objectives are to

  • Maintain and protect the Reserve, preserving biodiversity and habitat for plants and wildlife
  • Enhance and improve the Reserve through activities such as weed control, revegetation, track and waterway maintenance, and erosion control
  • Foster greater enjoyment of the Reserve through upgraded facilities and education
  • Encourage community involvement in Reserve activities
  • Promote the Reserve as a place of natural beauty and ideal for outdoor activities such as bushwalking, bird watching, picnicking and so on

Contact us

Would you like to enquire about volunteering? Do you have any suggestions about actions that need to be taken?

Contact us via the form below.

In the Reserve

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