A flush of greenhoods

Shows Nodding greenhood , Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Nodding greenhoods

Colonies of greenhood orchids are particularly healthy in the eastern area of the Reserve, with Nodding, Sharp and Tall Greenhoods to be found

Nodding Greenhoods

The orchid, Pterostylis nutans, has been flowering since July in largish colonies. Last year’s orchids were short statured but this year’s flowering includes those up to 25cm, much taller.

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shows small crab spider, greenhood orchids, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Greenhood passenger – small crab spider

Shows caterpillar in camo with greenhood orchid, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Caterpillar in camo.

These orchids are described as abundant but we’ll have to consider how we can reduce the damage occurring to some colonies resulting from horse riders and walkers churning the ground where greenhoods are growing.

Sharp Greenhoods

There have been quite a few Pterostylis X ingens or Sharp Greenhoods. These are described as hybrids between the Nodding and Sickle (P.falcata) Greenhood orchids. (More images of this type of orchid can be found at the ‘Retired Aussies’ site and, for Gippsland images, see the Nature of Gippsland Photo Gallery.) There are small groups of these orchids, growing with Nodding greenhoods, particularly in the Old Coalville Road section.

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Tall Greenhoods

These are tiny, delicate greenhood orchids that, like the Nodding and Sharp Greenhoods, simply glow in the sunlight. P.melagramma, like the other two orchids, ensures pollination by trapping a particular insect for a short while when it lands on the ‘trigger’ or labellum (lip).

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