Autumn flowering: Eastern Correa

Shows Eastern Correa, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Correa reflexa var. speciosa

Eastern Correa

This plant, the Correa reflexa var. speciosa, flowers from autumn to spring in the Reserve. You can see it flowering at present on the eastern slope down to the reservoir.

This is described as a plant of the open heathland forest and woodland understoreys and is variable in form. The KeyBase platform hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne provides a useful method for working out what each variety is called.

There are more brightly coloured forms of this common correa, elsewhere. Here it is a subtle pink shading to pale green.

It is a source of nectar, protected by the long tube shape of the flowers, and apparently much enjoyed by the Eastern Spinebill and New Holland Honeyeater, both found within the Reserve.


Sources and further information

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