The purple fringe

Shows Fringe Lily, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Tuber Fringe Lily – November flowering


Tuber Fringe Lilies in flower

The Fringe lilies are quite prolific this season and can be seen particularly in the southern section up to Borrman’s Street and around the reservoir at the moment.

The Thysanotus tuberosus ssp tuberosus is many flowered, with each flower opening once. Each flower has three petals and three narrow sepals, with each petal outlined in a fringe. This lily is an annual, growing from tuberous roots, with a few slender leaves. It’s buzz pollinated by local bees, and its anthers are distinctive – three shorter and three longer, generally erect, with a curved style.

The colour is distinctive, mainly purple although some are a little more pink or a little more blue. They flower during the warmer months, primarily from November in the Reserve.

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For some interesting information about the Thysanotus species, see this thesis prepared by U. Sirisena (2010)

For a little about pollination, see Footprints in in the pollen by P. Watson (2007)

And, for a botanical dscription, see PlantNet Online:

2 responses to “The purple fringe

  1. The closer i get, with respect to the remaining native australia in our care, the more beautiful its complexity becomes.
    These pictures remind me of that, like the most powerful arc lamp..

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