Another fungi encounter

The weird and the wonderful

Shows purple agaric fungus Cortinarius archeri; Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Gilled agaric: Cortinarius archeri, growing in a mossy bank below eucalyptus and leptospermum

These purple mushroom fungi, Cortinarius archeri, are growing at present, along with the Dermocybe austroveneta, or the green skinhead.

Shows group of Dermocybe austroveneta or Green Skin-head, mushroom fungi growing in the eucalypt leaf litter, Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Dermocybe austroveneta or Green Skin-head (gilled agaric), growing in the eucalypt leaf litter

There is also the weird in the form of this jelly fungus, which might be Tremella fimbriata, growing out of a fallen eucalypt.

Shows Jelly fungus: Tremella fimbriata group; Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Jelly fungus: Tremella fimbriata group, in fallen tree

The Cortinarius archeri is mycorrhizal with eucalypts. This is a symbiotic relationship where the fungus, unable to manufacture its own carbohydrates, shares what is manufactured by the eucalypt; the eucalypt, in turn, has access to essential nutrients the fungus can provide. The Dermocybe austroveneta is also mycorrhizal.

The Tremella, on the other hand, is saprotropic, growing on dead wood. These kinds of fungi break down dead organic matter such as wood and dung, using the results and recycling them back into the environment.

Here is a further selection of the weird and wonderful fungi fruiting in the Reserve at present.

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See our Fungi page for more.

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